On Sunday, June 25, at 9:30 a.m. we will celebrate members of our family and extended family who are graduating from
elementary middle, high, undergraduate, and graduate school in 2023. We will also cheer our students who are being
promoted from one grade to the next and congratulate the Youth Choir on its Annual Day.

Our guest preacher for Youth Sunday is Min. Jacques M. Mitchell, Youth Minister of Sweet Pilgrim Missionary Baptist
Church of Albany. And if the lineup for that Sunday isn’t already enticing enough, the2023 Summer Literacy Challenge
will be announced at the end of the worship service. It’s a worship experience you truly won’t want to miss.

Please be reminded that Sunday, June 11, is the deadline to email to revkttaylor@hotmail.com the names of graduates and
students being promoted. Only those names received by that date will be recognized on Sunday, June 25.



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