Our Women’s Day in March and Men’s Day in October are the two times per year we ask the congregation to make a special sacrifice to support the ministry of our church. The $250 sacrificial offering ($400 for married couples) for each of these special days enables us to continue to meet our financial obligations while also investing in ministry opportunities. The funds can be paid using the “other” line of your offering envelopes and/or through your online giving. Though this offering above and beyond your tithes is due on Sunday, March 26, we will
continue to receive them in the installments and timeline that are most feasible for your financial circumstances.

Finally, as the curtain on Black History Month 2023 draws nigh and the dawn of Women’s History Month is upon us, enclosed please find two bookmarks for your you and your loved ones to enjoy. May they aid you in celebrating Black History and Women’s History 24171365. God loves you and so do I!



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