Father-God, Helps and Protect Granados Family?

Father-God. HELPS US the Granados Family, Electric and Gas going up for NO REASON, Landlord wants more Rent money, they blame it on Covid-19 Virus, and Inflation, we want more money, we're under ALOT of stresses, Electric and Gas Cut, Landlord wants More money for use of water, we hope we don't end up Homeless, not having Enough money to pay, what they want from us?!.the escape goat is always the one needing the services??Food pricing going up?All Vendors and Services provider, Blame the Pandemic, gouging the customers to the bone?? Where you are broke?? Father-God Helps and Protect Granados Family?? They want you to pay what you DONT HAVE?
Out of Control gouging of People in need, of Food and Services needed? Etc...

January 13, 2022 9 am