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COVID-19 WITH IMMUNOCOMPROMISED COMPLICATIONS BUT ***WITHOUT***HYPER-INFLAMMATORY RESPONSE-If a pool of blood donors can be assembled who have covid-19, have just passed through the live viral stage, and are in the first week of the dead viral stage such that there is no live virus in their blood, but all the covid-19 specific natural killer/immune cells, a series of transfusions of such blood may save immunocompromised infected individuals(i.e. Cancer, HIV, etc). It should be noted that if there is an accompanying hyper-inflammatory response, such blood may and probably will aggravate the condition. If natural killer/immune cells do not survive refrigeration, a series of in-person, live donor-to-done transfusions may solve such a problem. MONOLAURIN via high fat coconut milk/oil(remember the gram negative bactericidal caprylic acid) could be used for viral prophylaxis (i.e HIV, lipid enveloped hepatitis viruses, flu, etc) and olive leaf extract, oregano leaf extract(not for children under age 6), houttynia cordata extract (MAY kill enterovirus-71 so may kill enterovirus-68 which made Minnesota//Missouri children sick 5+/- years ago), gram positive specific penicillin, perhaps with potassium clavulanate, combined with caprylic acid for gram negative bacteria(try to stagger and take the penicillin 3-4 hours apart from caprylic acid as cprlyc acid is antifungal, too, and penicillin is a mold product...), a broad spectrum semi-synthetic penicillin, like amoxicillin, perhaps with potassium clavulanate(known as Augmentin), or azithromycin for bacterial prophylaxis. I am not a physician so ask an experienced emergency medicine/critical care physician if an initial pint and then 1/2 pint every 12 hours, or 3-4 pints day until viral colony is dead will be enough donor blood. A good donor probably is: OF NORTHWESTERN EUROPEAN DESCENT (CAUCASIANS LESS VULNERABLE TO CVD19 THAN ASIAN AFRICAN, NON-WHITE HISPANIC, NATIVE-AMERICAN PEOPLES, AND SOUTHERN EUROPEANS BECAUSE OF DISTANT SUB-SAHARAN AFRIAN GENES AND EASTERN EUROPEAN PEOPLES BECAUSE OF DISTANT ASIAN GENES MAY ALSO BE VULNERABLE; BRITSH ISLES IS MOST GENTCAILLY ISOALTED BECAUSE OF HISTORIC SEA BARRIER FROM MAINLAND EUROPE. WHILE I AM 70+% BRITSH ISLES, I AM 25% SOUTHERN ITALIAN AND MAY HAVE DISTANT MOORISH/SUB SAHARAN AFRICAN GENES, AND I AM 3+% NATIVE-AMERICAN WHO AS I SAID ARE REALLY NORTHERN CHINESE 5-10,000 YEARS REMOVED FROM ASIA); AGE 26-40 (MALE SPINE FULLY DEVELOPED BY AGE 26=END OF BIOLOGICAL ADOLESCENCE=NO REYE SYNDROME RELATED BLOOD CONTAMINANTS; YOUTH=MORE TESTOSTERONE=HIGHER IMMUNE CELL YIELD); MESOMORPHIC TO MESOECTOMORPHIC BODY TYPE (A BODYBUILDER OR BASKETBALL PLAYERS BUILD=MORE MUSCLE=MORE TESTOSTERONE=HIGHER IMMUNE CELL YIELD; LOW BODY FAT=NO OBESITY RELATED BLOOD CONTAMINANTS); AND MALE IN GENDER(ONCE AGAIN, MORE TESTOSTERONE=HIGHER IMMUNE CELL YIELD). I will send this now and email back with some other things which the doctors in your area probably already know.

November 24, 2021 7 pm