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Hi, Craig Cogguillo from Milford, Connecticut. Around January 7, 2020, my 84 year old mother (now 85), with a pacemaker and high blood pressure, and I, at 52(now 53), came down with covid-19. On Day1+2, we took a lipid envelope permeating antiviral which is a 48% consistency coconut oil derivative, MONOLAURIN(also has 7% consistency CAPRYLIC ACID, good for gram negative bacteria, both MNLRM+CPRYLIC ACID good for some fungal infections like candida/thrush, but CPRYLC ACID a little too dilute in ccnt oil so better taken as an isolate/concentrate in gel caplet[unfortunately most air born bacteria which cause like bronchitis are gram positive]). I have had good luck with monolaurin via high fat coconut milk(THAI KITCHEN good brand-3to 4 bucks a can) for influenza, H1N1 Influenza, HIV(had family friend with HIV fool blown AIDS with less than 200 T-Cells and sent him MNLRN Capsules and 2-4 cans ccnt milk+he is probably HIV free but being over age 50, he is probably not anxious to loose his social security+some in government just fine with that...). We took MONOLAURIN via HIGH FAT COCONUT MILK(the fat is where the medicine is so DO NOT buy reduced fat coconut milk as it defeats the purpose...!) 6-7 ounces 2 x day on Day 1(11-12 grams monolaurin;1.9 grams caprylic acid)=12-14 ounces/day(22-24 grams MNLRN; 3.8 grams CAPRYLIC ACID), and 4 ounces 2 x Day=8 ounces/day (a little more than half of the mnlrn/cprlc acid dose of day 1)on Day 2. We also took GAIA BRAND(Wilmington, North Carolina) OLIVE LEAF EXTRACT for broad spectrum bacterial prophylaxis for secondary bacterial infections which usually follow respiratory viruses. While the olive leaf extract performed its' limited function, the MONOLAURIN did not affect affect a simple lipid enveloped coronavirus so covid-19 is not a simple coronavirus...On day 3, after dinner, Mother and I took herbal cocktail capsules, and the covid-19 antiviral specific, at least for the first strain, turned out to be ASTRAGALUS ROOT in the capsules and our initial first dose was 400 MILLIGRAMS EACH. I then fell asleep for 5 hours, and when I woke up, the terrible sore throat I had with the onset was gone, meaning that with 400 MILLIGRAMS ASTRAGALUS AND 5 HOURS SLEEP, 90+% OF THE VIRAL COLONY WAS KILLED. Unfortunately, whether the virus is alive or dead, the lipid envelope/capsid/endotoxin are what cause the immune system to react with simple inflammation like head/nasal congestion, or over react with hyper-blood coagulation which can lead to blood clots or organ failure. The virus seems to affect the elderly and non-Caucasians in this way more often, so the sooner the viral colony can be killed in the body, the less dead virus to cause the inflammatory response...Mother and I were 50% better the next day after our initial 400 MILLIGRAM ASTRAGALUS Doses. We ran out of capsules after 2 days(DAY 5) and a naturopathic physician helped me identify astragalus as the covid-19 antiviral specific in the capsules, at least for the first strain(the variant mutations seem to be in the viral protein and astragalus affects the polysaccharides in the virus, so it may still work for the other variants. After I talked with the naturopath, we took ASTRAGALUS 470 MG 2 X DAY=940 MG/DAY(IF WELL OVER 200 POUNDS, YOU MAY WANT TO TAKE A LITTLE MORE ASTRAGALUS-200-400 MORE MILLIGRAMS OR A 3RD 470 MG DOSE); 4 OUNCES HIGH FAT COCONUT MILK 2 X DAY=8 OUNCES/DAY(EVEN IF THE MONOLAURIN DID NOT KILL THE CVD19 VIRUS, IT WAS STILL GOOD PROPHYLAXIS FOR OTHER LIPID ENVELOPED VIRUSES LIKE COLD SORES, ETC AND GRAM NEGATIVE BACTERIA.); AND OLIVE LEAF EXTRACT 2 X DAY FOR BROAD SPECTRUM BACTERIAL PROPHYLAXIS ACCORDING TO GAIA'S INSTRUCTIONS. We were better in 2 1/2 weeks and never had fevers or complications. Because Mother was a woman age 24 and older and I was a man age 26 and older, and we were not at risk for REYE SYNDROME, we took aspirin for inflammation, and, in retrospect, to keep blood thin to prevent the hyper-blood coagulation(antacids like TUMS are alright to take with aspirin, BUT NOT WITHIN 2 1/2+HOURS OF ASTRAGALUS/OTHER ANTI-INFECTIVE/VITAL MEDICATION AS THE ANTACID MAY BLOCK ABSORPTION!). Men and boys under age 26 and women and girls under age 24 should take acetaminophen(Tylenol) instead because of REYE SYNDROME RISK, and acetaminophen can be given to children under age 2. For congestion, we took diphenhydramine HCL and doxylamine succinate(a NYQUIL ingredient), which, unfortunately, are not recommended for children under age 6. There is turkey baster like device for nasal phlegm suction for children, but can only be used once or twice a day(presumably morning and before bed) or tissue irritation may result. For cough suppression and sleep, we took DEXTROMETHORPHAN HBr(another NYQUIL ingredient), but it is not recommended for children under age 6, and has an occasional excitibilty reaction ages 6-11, but I took dextromethorphan HBr at age 6 or 7 and had no problems. Codeine cough syrup or a light opiate, at recommended dosage based on weight of child, is safer for children and more effective than dextromethorphan HBr for children and adults. We eliminated egg and milk products from our diets as they are phlegm producing foods, a natural petri dish for germs. We waited 4-7 days after our initial astragalus doses for the viral colony to die before resuming to take multivitamins as multivitamins have vitamin E which during the live viral stage may replicate the virus more than the human host cells the virus is infecting in one's body. We did take zinc lozenges, which by themselves, did nothing directly, but zinc is a recommended nutrient, as well as a calcium/vitamin D supplement(I am not an orange juice fan, but we did buy OJ supplemented with calcium, and maybe vitamin D), vitamin B-Complex(U.S. recommended daily allowance dose), and vitamin C 250-500 MG(scale by weight of child as a dose), daily. We slept a lot for over week, too. If astragalus allergy present, black elderberry MAY be a substitute(WARNING: BLACK ELDERBERRY HAS A PREGNANCY/BREAST FEEDING/NEONATAL/EARLY CHILDHOOD[PROBABLY UNDER AGE 6]RISK! WOMEN OF REPRODUCTIVE AGE SHOULD WAIT UNTIL MONTHLY CYCLE OR ABSTAIN SEXUALLY AFTER LAST CYCLE TO TAKE BLACK ELDERBERRY. NURSING MOTHERS SHOULD CEASE WHILE ON BLACK ELDERBERRY AND WAIT 2 WEEKS OR BE MEDICALLY CLEARED TO RESUME AFTER LAST DOSE TO RESUME. YOU CAN SEE WHY IF THERE IS A FETAL RISK, THERE WOULD BE A RISK WITH EARLY CHILDHOOD USAGE.). THE MASSACHUSETTS INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS found ALOE VERA taken orally kills INFLUENZA A by disrupting the M2 PROTEIN in the LIPID ENVELOPE, similar to PROTEIN E in the viral envelope of CORONAVIRUS(unfortunately, the variation mutations seem to be in the viral protein, but aloe vera is still worth trying). A good suggestion would be to get 10-40 known antiviral herbs, and if time allows, test each herb for allergies/toxicity, by taking a minute dose, waiting 1-2 hours for itching, sneezing, hives, etc, and then when sick, taking a huge cocktail of a therapeutic dose of each herb, if you get up to 20 herbs or more, take it in 2 or 3 cocktails in succession, if it is more comfortable, then sleep until you wake up on your own undisturbed. One or more herbs in the cocktail probably will kill the, probably 90+% of the virus the same way astragalus did for us while you are sleeping. I had a little hacking/tampering while I tried to send this to you so I will send this now so you get at least some of it, and will email with educated guesses for covid-19 with various complications later.

November 24, 2021 6 pm