Pastor's Bible Study

Do you want to learn more about the Bible and what it says?   Bible study is one of the foundational ways that you will learn about your faith.  The Bible is God’s Word to us and provides inspiration, instruction and guidance about every aspect of your life.   Studying the Bible, then, is a matter of course to those who love God and seek a close personal relationship with him and want to learn how to apply God’s word to their life.  Pastor Craig leads this weekly Bible study. Bible study materials are provided and Bible study begins at 6 pm and ends at 7:30 pm.  It doesn’t matter whether you are new in your faith, have attended Bible study for many years or are just curious about what the Bible has to say.  ALL are welcome!  Come as you are!  You will be blessed!

Connect Us

Are you new to the family of Christ and Israel church?  The New Members Class will help you to:

Connect – understand the purpose, mission, beliefs of the church.

Grow – understand your relationship with God.

Know – understand the history and structure of the AME church.

Serve answer God’s call to use your gifts and talents in one of the ministries of the local church.

Tell learn how to share your story with others spread the Good news of Christ with others.

New Members classes are offered to meet the needs of the new members.  The next member class will begin in July 2018. See your church bulletin for dates and times.  

Church School

Church (Sunday) School is an opportunity for children, youth and adults to learn God’s word through age appropriate and interactive instruction. Children participate in special events including Easter and Christmas plays, social events such as bowling and community service activities. Church School starts at9:00am and a light snack is provided before church service begins. 

Christian Education

The Christian Education Department works with every organization to establish a comprehensive and unified program of Christian Education in the church.  Working closely and across organizational and department lines, the Department of Christian Education is responsible for preparing programs, offering classes, teaching classes, and preparing people for ministry and leadership in the church.   


Men's Ministry & Spiritual Enrichment

This ministry is a way for men of all ages to come together for Bible study, spiritual enrichment, fellowship and the occasional outing together to a sporting event.  You will find men just like you who are responding to God’s call to do the things God has called us to do.  This “just for men” ministry meets on Saturdays.   

Lay Organization

Do you want to learn more about the AME church?  The Lay organization can provide information about the how the AME church history, how the church is organized and designed to function.  Look for the Lay organization’s monthly newsletter highlighting important information about our church.  Lay meetings are held the 1st Monday of every month.